GSA Education

供應商分類 平版電腦-電腦設備-電腦系統, 技術支援服務-TSS, 辦公室傢俱-文儀器材

  • ​13, 12/F, Block A, ​Hong Kong Industrial Centre, 489-491 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.
  • 51843169


With our heart and focus in research and development, GSA is committed to bring innovative education technology into the classroom. GSA is honoured to be the recognised Google Education Partner in bringing its education programs and technologies, and offering the best to the education sector.
We do this through constant innovation in the areas of education technology, training and professional development of teachers and students:
– Technology Training: Provides the latest infocomm education programmes and Google Educator certification and related professional development programmes for educators and students.
– Technology Development: Based on the latest technologies and supporting pedagogy, we continue to innovate and challenge the frontier of education technology with new innovation and products.
– Education Technology Consulting: Supporting structure and advisory for technology and pedagogy resources.


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